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February 7-8, 2023 | Fort Myers, FL

Are you ready to give it everything you’ve got, So You Can...

Achieve The Success, Wealth and Freedom You Deserve?

Why It's CRITICAL That You

Why It's CRITICAL That You Come Out Swinging In 2023!

Come Out Swinging In 2023

  • With increased interest rates holding steady, consumer spending is expected to continue declining.
  • CFOs across the country just cited inflation as the #1 threat to their business. It’s likely an enormous threat to yours, especially if you’re not even aware of the damage it’s doing.  
  • By the end of 2023, you’ll either be one of the “haves” or the “have nots”. Qualified Remodeler says, “The gap between the remodeling industry’s biggest firms and the average firm is widening. The big are getting bigger at an increasing rate. From 2020 to 2021, remodeling revenues for the Top 500 grew a whopping 23.6 percent while the broader industry grew fast, but at a 7-percent to 9-percent clip.”
  • Every day, the forces against home improvement business owners are growing. As the stock market keeps sliding downward and unemployment rates rise, homeowners are expected to tighten their purse strings more and more.
  • The good news is, you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur. You get to have control over your fate, and your opportunities are vast - no matter what the media says. You can turn this into your banner year, if you take action now. 
  • Choosing to be great in the face of adversity isn’t something you want to put on hold. Your employees, your customers and your family deserve for you to be the kind of leader that they are proud to follow.

It's Time to move up, move aside or tap out.

It's Time to move up, move aside or tap out. 

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Brian Kaskavalciyan

Host of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast and Your Host for Accelerate LIVE!

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Miami, Florida
Host of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast

It's Time For a Reset!

Post-pandemic has been an INCREDIBLE time to be in the home remodeling business.

Sure, there have been growing pains like supply chain backlogs and labor shortages…

But historically, there has NEVER been consumer demand for home improvements like we’ve seen these past two years. Researchers at Harvard projected record growth for our industry, and we even surpassed those record-breaking estimates. 

Basically, as long as you were open for business as a contractor in 2021 and 2022, you were (hopefully) raking in some serious cash. 

Now, as the market shifts, some home improvement businesses will start to show some cracks. The fancy researchers at Harvard tried to put it nicely, saying we’ll see “a cooling environment for remodeling activity.” 


Soon enough (if you haven’t already), you’ll start to see contractors desperate for cash. 

They’ll begin to drop their prices. 

Then, their profit margins will wither away. 

And eventually, they’ll get crushed by the stronger, more well-funded remodeling companies and be forced to close up shop. 

But not every contractor will suffer this sad fate...

There are a select few who are going to make the decision to be the steamroller - NOT the pavement. 

Those contractors are the ones who refuse to participate in any slowdown. They will not struggle to survive during this time. 
They see all of these changes as good news, and they will THRIVE through this economic downturn. 

And you can be one of them. You can enjoy the wealth, freedom and life that you deserve... 

If you choose it.

You may be saying to yourself, “That’s great, Brian, but just having a positive attitude isn’t going to change the entire economy.”

I'd say, "You're right."

The secret to successfully navigating the next couple of years is this:

It’s not going to be EASY.

However, you can stack the deck in your favor. 

Right now, you have the option to hit the “RESET” button in your business. 

It’s time to take any bad habits that have developed in your business the past two years - any ineffective or inefficient business practices - and throw them out the window

Your only option for survival right now is to embrace a new identity as a dangerous competitor in your marketplace. One with an unmatched customer experience, superior lead generation methods, an unbeatable sales team and the right systems to back it all up. 

Will you be able to do this by watching a free webinar or a YouTube video? NOT A CHANCE.
To make the shift that is required in your business, you need to take time out of and away from your business in a unique environment surrounded by like-minded contractors who are bucking the expectations that they have to suffer some kind of “payback” for having tasted success these past few years.

You need to put yourself in the position to hear from real-world experts who have been in the trenches. Ones who have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

Speaking of… Who am I, and why should you even listen to me

Speaking of… Who am I, and why should you even listen to me

I’m Brian Kaskavalciyan, Host of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast and Co-Founder of gFour Marketing Group, the back-office relationship marketing firm for hundreds of successful contractors across the country. 

More importantly, I’ve sat exactly where you’re sitting right now. I owned home improvement and home services businesses (one I turned into a national franchise), and I know the uneasy feeling you may have in the pit of your stomach right now. 

Aside from the hundreds of gFour Marketing clients we work with on a daily basis, I also lead our Wealthy Contractor Masterminds Groups. There are 24 companies in those groups varying in size from $3,000,000 to $20,000,000 in annual sales that I work with up close and personal. 
Most are doing VERY well, but are cautiously optimistic - I like to say that as Wealthy Contractors, we should all have a little "healthy paranoia".

In fact, our big focus, as we wrap us this year and begin planning for 2023 is being able to successfully answer this question... 

As the market corrects itself, is your business set up to continue delivering profits - even under "normal" levels of demand? 

We Created Accelerate LIVE! For YOU...

Let me tell you how…

Since the early days of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had the great fortune of meeting and working with some of the very best contractors and experts in our industry. 

From these relationships, I’ve gained more knowledge and wisdom about this business than I ever thought I could possibly have.

What’s important to me now is that every contractor who wants to do better for themselves - anyone who wants to achieve greater success, wealth and freedom - has access to the knowledge and the power to make that happen. 

THAT’S why I created Accelerate LIVE!® - to bring contractors together to share the quickest way for you to up-level your business, without the headaches and hassles of figuring it all out yourself.  

Count Me In, Brian!

Count Me In, Brian!

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that’s why I’d like YOU to join me and more than 200 other growth-minded contractors at Accelerate LIVE!® 2023 in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida.

that’s why I’d like YOU to join me and more than 200 other growth-minded contractors at Accelerate LIVE!® 2023 in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida.

You’ll hear from speakers on Marketing, Sales, People, Profit and Wealth-Building. (That’s right - we’re going to have an actual Financial Advisor to the Top Half Percent show you how to create wealth. This is like no event you’ve attended before.)

Let me make this very clear: Anyone who steps onstage at Accelerate LIVE!® is speaking to you from experience. There are no theories. No opinions. No assumptions. And definitely no Bulls##t

Likewise, everyone on stage is very approachable, and their path to success is completely attainable. Any expert who joins us is talking about how you can take your business to the next level - not how to run a 50-location $400 Million Dollar business. 
***Something very important for you to consider when out seeking advice for your business:

Don’t look to the #1 company in your industry and take the advice that their CEO gave at a keynote on some huge stage in front of some hedge fund investors. That CEO has no freaking clue what your business is like. 

Trying to act like a business that’s 100 times bigger than you are is going to lead to disaster

Want to really succeed - you need to look at the company that is 2, 5, maybe 10 steps ahead of you. That’s where you’ll find the secret sauce to take that next step forward in your business.

And the beauty of Accelerate LIVE! is you’ll find contractors doing $2 million per year, $5 million, $10 million, $20 million and even a few doing north of $100 million a year in PROFITABLE business.

So regardless of where YOU are… you’ll find people you can learn from AND of course, people you can help influence. 

Are You Prepared to "Go the Distance"?

Are You Prepared to "Go the Distance"?

Something most people know about me is that I’m a HUGE Rocky Balboa fan. 

In the first movie, Rocky's opponent wasn't Apollo Creed - it was himself. In probably the most important scene of the movie, Rocky told Adrian that if he could just "go the distance" with Creed, that would be his win. In his words: "I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood" 

This year at Accelerate, you’re going to feel like you’re training for the biggest fight of your life. 

And that’s because you are. 
At best, the next few years are going to be bumpy and you have to be up for the challenge... you have to be prepared to do what it's going to take to WIN - to go the distance in your business

Too many people will skip important events like this. They won't do the work on themselves. They'll be "too busy" to do the training required to keep their business running PROFITABLY.   

But not you. You didn't get into this business to half-a$$ it. You don’t want to just do a mediocre job and live with that disappointment and dissatisfaction. 

You’re not just going to let the media or some economists walk in and tell you you’re going to lose because they said so. Not you

This year at Accelerate LIVE!, we’re going to make sure you have the formula to WIN this fight. 

The only thing is, YOU have to take action. 

YOU have to be willing to do what it takes to Go the Distance.
Again, it's not going to be EASY.

The Accelerate speakers and I can’t go home and put the systems in place for you. We can’t hire the people you need to hire. We can’t put the training in place that you need. 

So if you’re just looking to go to a seminar that pumps you up and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside - don’t bother. This is not your event. 

But if you want to find out the best practices that are WORKING for contractors today and make connections with the best in the business and you’re hungry for the roadmap that you’ll then use to take your business to the next level… then, this event is for YOU. 

This event has sold out every year 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and it will sell out again - so don’t take too long "thinking about it". 

Early Bird prices are available, but not for long. Take advantage of the savings now, and sign up to join us LIVE in Fort Myers, Florida February 7th - 8th, 2023. 

I can't wait to see you there!

I remain, 
Dedicated to YOUR Success, 
Brian Kaskavalciyan
gFour Marketing Group
The Wealthy Contractor

I Can't Miss This!

I Can't Miss This!

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying...

Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying...

I Want In, Brian!

I Want In, Brian!

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In Your Corner This Year

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Make no mistake, "going the distance" in your home improvement business after the Covid boom has worn off, and we go back to more "normal" consumer demand is going to be entirely dependent on your ability to manufacture leads efficiently, sell jobs at the RIGHT price, deliver a remarkable customer experience, and ultimately get it all done with a net profit margin of 15% or better. Lead efficiency, sales efficiency, pricing models and profit models will be the keys to companies thriving regardless of what happens in the broader marketplace. This year we'll be laser-focused on these topics so all of our attendees will know what they need to do to go the distance!
Every year, Accelerate LIVE! delivers speakers with practical, real world experience to help you take your business to the next level. And 2023 will be no different. With incredible challenges AND opportunities ahead of you, we’re carefully selecting a unique lineup of speakers to be in YOUR corner. 

(And if you listen to The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, you know we don’t mess around when it comes to picking speakers who relate to you and topics you can actually use in your business today!) 

Megan Beattie

Megan Knows Marketing

Megan Beattie is going to be joining us at Accelerate to discuss how we can control our own destiny by making leads! We all know we can generate leads by increasing our spend, but what happens when the retraction occurs? People stop shopping. The phone calls start slowing down. How are we going to stay busy? If we learn the art of making leads out of nothing, we have something we can do that is 100% controllable. 

Megan has spent her career teaching companies how to convert future buyers into now buyers. Learn the tricks to moving your customer’s timeline to do their project from next year to this week. Being an advisor to over 30 multi-million dollar remodeling companies all over the country, Megan has a unique skill set that includes consulting on lead generation, sales process, face to face marketing, leadership and recruiting. 

Mark Curry

Revelare Kitchens

To me, the most important topic we cover at Accelerate LIVE! every year is:
Unfortunately, most industry events are all about how to sell more or how to make more leads - Accelerate LIVE! seems to be the only event that actually addresses how to make a profit in this business.

More leads and more sales are NOT always the answer to a more successful business. In fact, in many cases they can break a business. 

In fact, the "dirty little secret" of the home improvement industry is too many people in this industry work too hard for too little. Too many believe they have to compromise on profitability in order to achieve their goals - this is a dangerous game!

Worse, too many don't understand the basic fundamentals of profit, like:
- How to build a financial statement;
- How to organize a financial statement;
- How to read and manage that financial statement;

Sorry to break it to you but, a lot of the "big" home improvement companies you see celebrated in magazines and at different industry events, may make a lot of SALES, but too many have very low (and oftentimes) non-existent NET profit, because of what we call a "broken" profit model. 

Mark is back again to talk about how to maintain high levels of profitability (15-20% NET bottom line) - regardless of economic environment. 

Want to make more money?
Want to set your business up for PERMANENT profitability? Then don't miss a minute of Mark's presentation!

Letitia Hanke

ARS Roofing

Letitia Hanke is not your typical roofer. She started out working for a roofing compnay in Santa Rosa California while in college. She quickly rose to manager and held that position for 8 years. In 2004, she started her own roofing company, ARS Roofing, Gutters & Solar. In March 2022, she celebrated 26 years in the industry. She currently employs 24 full-time, year-round employees servicing the North Bay in California.

I've asked Letitia to join us for a couple of reasons:

(1) She is an incredibly successful owner of a home improvement business. In fact, in 2020 she was voted the Residential Roofer of the Year by Roofing Contractor Magazine. However, Letitia has a bigger calling through her LIME Foundation she has created a program called NextGen Trades Academy.

(2) The NextGen Trades Academy prepares students who may not have the opportunity to go to college for well-paying work in the construction trades. They not only train them, but help graduates of the program find gainful employment (paid apprenticeships), which at the same time helps enlarge the workforce available to local contractors.

I absolutely love the work she's doing there and would like to introduce her to our audience. I believe that many of our attendees could benefit from partnering with The LIME Foundation and bring the NextGen Trades Academy to markets all across the country.

The final reason I've asked Letitia to speak is that her enthusiasm is infectious, when she walks in the room, you'll know it without her saying a word.

John Anglis

CareFree Home Pros

John is also back again - in fact, John is the ONLY speaker that has been on the Accelerate stage with me EVERY single year since we started in 2017. 

Yes, he's one of my best friends but more importantly HE DELIVERS! Year-after-year John brings his practical, real world experience to the stage and this year won't be any different.

John learned this business the hard way. Through a lot pain, frustration and hard-work John has created one of the most successful home improvement companies I know of. His business will achieve sales of nearly $10,000,000 this year, with bottom-line profits north of 20%, all while John and his lovely wife Sandra are living "semi-retired" in Naples, Florida.

John will take you behind-the-scenes of what it really takes to build a business that works withOUT you. And share his practical advice for what he's doing at CareFree to make sure his business is set up to "Go the Distance".

Scott Berman

Florida Window and Door

Scott runs one of the most successful home improvement companies on earth. His company Florida Window and Door is on pace to do $140,000,000 in revenue in 2022 (#20 Qualified Remodeler Top 500).

But it wasn't always this good for Scott. In 2009 Scott found himself broke and having to start all over again. In a relatively short time he was able to re-invent his business using the PROVEN fundamental principles that make businesses in our industry successful. 

Scott has become a master of People, Process, Profit and Personal Development™. His presentation will not be about how to build a $100 million dollar company - it will be about what it takes to successfully create a business that works for YOU - regardless of size. 

His down-to-earth style and message will be relevant and valuable for you regardless of the size of your business - $2 million, $5 million, $10 million or $100 million.

Noah Rosenfarb

Freedom Family Office

Noah Rosenfarb is a CPA & Financial Advisor to the Half Percent. 

He created his business, Freedom Family Office, around the philosophy of "Living Rich Beyond Money." This philosophy focuses on helping entrepreneurs produce predictable income, create their ideal life, and build their legacy.

When you join us at Accelerate LIVE! 2023, you will hear Noah walk you through the 12-Point “Rich Beyond Money” Framework that will show you how to make (and keep) more of your wealth, how to design your ideal life, and the impact you can make beyond your business.

Charlie Gindele

The Wisest Man in Home Improvement!

One of our most popular speakers Charlie Gindele will be back again to talk about what it really takes to WIN in this business. 

Charlie has nearly 50 years of experience in the home improvement industry. He built on of the most successful window businesses in America (RBA of Orange County) and sold it at the end of 2021. Now "retired" Charlie is giving back to the industry he loves so much. 

When I asked Charlie to join us in February I asked him to present on what he feels owners will need to know in 2023 in order to "go the distance". 

As someone who had his shares of ups and downs in his 38 years as a business owner, he believes there were 2 critical topics that need to be discussed - in his own words:

" 1. Many companies have put all, or most, of their marketing efforts into digital online marketing and have abandoned traditional marketing (direct mail - shared and solo; magazines, radio, TV, newspaper) and non-traditional marketing (canvassing, events, retail and RSVP). They have become "lazy" marketers. Plus they've also cut back on their marketing spend due to the windfall they've experienced during covid.
2. Sales management - I'm amazed at how many companies have little, or no, effective (or any) sales management. In many cases, sales reps are left to "manage themselves" and there is little or no accountability for the leads they are issued. There are no minimum performance standards. If there is a sales process, most sales reps are not being required to use it or adhere to it. Sales reps are allowed to linger and underperform with little to no consequences. There is little or no coaching being done. I think this is a big gap and a big opportunity for improvement.

I Can't Miss This!

I Can't Miss This!

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Speakers will continue to be added... check back for more!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, speakers may change prior to the event date.

'Deep Dive'

'Deep Dive'

Bonus Day Workshops - February 9!

Bonus Day Workshops - February 9!

You've just made a GREAT DECISION to attend Accelerate LIVE! 2023
Now squeeze out every last drop of value and make the trip TOTALLY worth your while. Since you'll already be there... stick around one more night for our increasingly popular Bonus Day, which takes a turn into a DEEP DIVE format for your choice of 3 specific topics that will take your business to the next level. Each Bonus Day includes all workshop materials, lunch and snacks throughout the day, and a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

John Anglis

CareFree Home Pro's

Accelerate Your Sales Success

In this full day workshop, you’ll dive deep into the 10 step selling system that allowed John to get off the road when his business was at $1.8M (in 2016) and grow his sales revenue to an impressive $10M within 5 years!

And that’s not all, you’ll also learn about establishing the right pricing model, benchmarks and accountability processes that helped John go from working IN his business 7 days a week to working ON his business only one day per week - and earning a 7 figure income(!!). 

John not only has done it for himself but he also helps companies across the country with recruiting, hiring, training and developing TOP PRODUCERS as well as increasing their profit margins!

If you’ve ever spent time with John, you know he delivers. If you’re ready to Accelerate Your Sales Success in 2023, then this is the bonus day is for you.

Charlie Gindele

The Wisest Man In Home Improvement!

Accelerate Your Growth

This is a workshop that EVERY home improvement business owner should attend. 

In the last couple of years companies have been growing at some crazy year over year rates… this is not always sustainable, in fact, many will go out of business or put up with low profit margins in an effort to just manage the growth. Doesn't matter if you’ve been in business for 1 year or 30, there is a RIGHT way to scale your business, and to do so profitably.

The MASTER at doing this is Charlie Gindele, longtime owner of Renewal By Andersen of Orange County. 

Charlie’s been through it all - and has not only survived some very challenging times, but ended up thriving. 

During this full day workshop Charlie will show you how to grow your business, grow your profit margins, raise your prices and make a lot more more money by creating happy customers that will pay a premium price for a premium experience - all without going bankrupt or losing your mind!

Vance Morris

"The Disney Guy"

Accelerate Your Customer Experience

Customer Experience is one of the main ways to differentiate your company in a crowded marketplace. 

With an unforgettable customer experience, you’ll get more 5-star reviews, you’ll be able to charge premium prices; and you’ll get more referrals and repeat sales, which will help your close rates and increase your profitability.

During this workshop we’ll redesign YOUR customer experience step-by-step, from the ground up. By the end of the day not only will you have an exciting new customer experience system, you’ll also have a plan you will take home and give to your team to execute.

Delivered by Vance Morris - "the Disney Guy" with materials developed by Brian Kaskavalciyan, this fun workshop will help you rethink your business.

It's All Happening in sunny florida!

It's All Happening in sunny florida!

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When you come to Accelerate LIVE! in sunny fort myers, you'll get the opportunity to: 

Learn from speakers with impressive track records of success in our industry 

  • You will NOT hear from motivational speakers who leave you with no practical takeaways;
  • ​You will NOT have your time wasted with charlatans who are simply peddling their latest wares on stage, hoping to make a few bucks off of you before they get out of town

Tap into the knowledge and experience of hundreds of other growth-minded contractors to help accelerate the growth of your business!

  • And it’s not just in the sessions. Your ticket includes breakfast and lunch both days of the conference, plus a networking cocktail hour where you’ll get to pick the minds of other success-minded home improvement entrepreneurs, just like you!

Gain strategies, tactics and tools that are tailored to home improvement business owners

  • If you are a business owner who wants to bring a spouse, a partner or a “GSD - Get S##t Done” Person with you - great. Having a close team that believes in your vision and can execute on it for you is invaluable.
  • ​What you WON’T have to do is sit through sessions that are tailored for a salesperson, an accountant, a customer service rep. We strongly believe that YOU are the most important person to your business. If you get the tools you need to improve the business, everyone benefits. 

Discover solutions from vetted partners to help you make more money 

  • You won’t be forced to walk through a huge expo hall where any vendor can get in and you don’t know WHO you can trust 
  • Accelerate LIVE!® Sponsors are specifically chosen based on their ability to help you transform your business so that you can achieve greater success, wealth and freedom

The ONLY Event That Is:

The ONLY Event That Is:

100% GUARANTEED To Be Profitable For You - On DAY ONE!

100% GUARANTEED To Be Profitable For You - On DAY ONE!

If, by the end of day ONE - you determine Accelerate was not profitable enough for you, or it wasn’t what you had in mind, then you just simply go to anyone on our Accelerate team to receive a full refund of your entry fee, plus $1,000 CASH to cover your time and travel costs! 

We can confidently make this offer to you because we’ve offered it every year - and not one business owner has ever taken us up on it



You do not want to put this off - Accelerate LIVE! has sold out every year we've put it on - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 - and 2023 will be no different. We have increased capacity this year so you can look forward to being in an amazing new venue. However, space is still limited. 

Once these seats are gone, they’re gone. 

General Admission

Ticket Price Includes:
 Access to All Speaker Sessions 
 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
Workshop Workbook & Materials 
Tuesday Night Networking Party
Discounted Hotel Room Rate
100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
SAVE $600.00 on Bonus Day Workshop!
General Admission

Ticket Price Includes:
 Access to All Speaker Sessions
 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
Workshop Workbook & Materials 
Tuesday Night Networking Party
Discounted Hotel Room Rate
100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
SAVE $600.00 on Bonus Day Workshop!
General Admission

Ticket Price Includes:
 Access to All Speaker Sessions
 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
Workshop Workbook & Materials 
Tuesday Night Networking Party
Discounted Hotel Room Rate
100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
SAVE $600.00 on Bonus Day Workshop!

Keep in mind - You have nothing to lose - your profit is 100% GUARANTEED!

Hotel and Accomodations

Hotel and Accomodations

You’ll get some well deserved rest and relaxation in Fort Myers, Florida while you grow your business at Accelerate LIVE!®. Event attendees get access to our room block at The Luminary Hotel & Co, a brand new hotel just steps from downtown Fort Myers, where you’ll get to enjoy all of the shopping, dining and nightlife of the River District. 

It’s the perfect sunny escape if you’ll be getting tired of cold, dreary winter days by February. 

***The Room Block sells out every year. Make sure to get your event ticket ASAP so you can snag your room before they’re all booked up. 


Airport Code

Just 20 minute car ride from RSW Airport

2200 Edwards Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Thank You to these partners that make Accelerate LIVE! the premier event for home improvement business owners!

Thank You to these partners that make Accelerate LIVE! the premier event for home improvement business owners!



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